We Speak Up for Kids…

Dear friends,

This May, the Avielle Foundation joins the Child Mind Institute (CMI) and their Speak Up for Kids campaign.  Below is a short editorial we wrote to promote the great work the CMI does and to speak up:

The Avielle Foundation speaks up for kids because we believe our future depends on their imagination…

TAF-I Speak Up 030eWe speak up because we know that the imagination of a healthy brain can lead to discoveries with the power to change humanity.  Every child deserves a chance to imagine a world free of violence, fear, pain, and isolation; a world of empathy, health, beauty, and inclusion. And every child deserves the opportunity to make what they imagine a reality.

We speak up by championing scientific research and education that will bring light to the dark mysteries of the brain, making the invisible complexities visible.  When we take the brain out of the shadows, we find understanding and the freedom to create appropriate therapies, bringing hope to kids and families.  We see a near future where parents and patients have no fear seeking help, because the brain will be respected and treated like any other organ in the body.

We speak up because every kid deserves a strong, nurturing, and supporting community.  Without investment in community we cannot take care of each other; we need a collective solution to provide brain healthcare for everyone.

We speak up with Avielle’s voice, because she cannot.  We speak up for kids because we imagine a world where all children have the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives that celebrate the beauty of their brains.

Jeremy Richman, PhD

Jennifer Hensel, M.S.

Please everyone SPEAK UP!  Here is how:
1. Go to http://speakup.childmind.org/ISpeakUp/ and print out the “I Speak Up” form
2. Fill in the blank of the form
3. Take a selfie (that is a picture that you take of yourself) holding your sign
4. Post your picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hash tag (that’s the number sign “#”) #ISpeakUp and #Aviefoundation

Here is another example with the High Tech High Chula Vista students from Beyond the Crossfire:
I Speak Up 018











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