Thomas Insel TED talk: Toward a new understanding of mental illness

In this TED talk,Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, reflects on how significant strides in brain health can be made. Though we have had significant progress over the last few decades in our knowledge and treatment of heart disease, AIDS, leukemia, and stroke, we have made little progress in effectively treating “mental disorders,” evidenced by the fact that there are about 38,000 suicides in the United States annually. Dr. Insel believes that for significant advances in understanding for disorders like depression and schizophrenia to be made, we first need to change how we conceptualize them. Watch to learn how conceptualizing “mental disorders” as “brain disorders” is the first step to making significant improvements in knowledge and treatment. Click here to see how the Avielle Foundation’s objectives are related to this talk.

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