The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern – Thank You!

Our first Newtown and Sandy Hook event for the Avielle Foundation was held at the Foundry Kitchen in Tavern this past Monday, April 21st.  Although we have been operating in an official capacity for 16 months, we felt protective of Newtown.  We wanted to be certain to not burden our town immediately after December 14th, 2012; a time when it was already abundantly giving its love, time, money, and dedication to wonderful causes.  We waited out of respect and when Chris Bruno, the owner of the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, asked Jeremy and I if he could host an Avielle Foundation fundraiser at his restaurant we felt that this was the right time to introduce ourselves to our resilient and beautiful community.  The event was a full-house and the backdrop was the picturesque upstairs Warner Loft of the Foundry overlooking the scenic Sandy Hook town center and the Pootatuck River.  In short, it was a beautiful event.  Jeremy gave a 30 minute presentation of the Avielle Foundation’s mission and scope, followed by how we will be distributing the donations our generous grass-roots community have given.  An energetic and lively silent auction was considerably fun to watch as people bid on items from our local businesses such as Queen Street Gifts, Healthy Pet, Bead of Roses, and many more.  As Jeremy spoke, the attendees of the fundraising event enjoyed South African wines and gourmet tapas.  We mingled with people we know and love, and met many new folks who we welcome to our Avielle Foundation community.  To those who could make it, thank you for coming and thank you for your continued interest in brain health research.  We want to thank Chris Bruno, the proprietor and chef of the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern and his amazing staff – Karla, Ralph, Ashley, Megan, and Dan – for hosting this incredible event.  Their professionalism and dedication to service and food of the highest quality was astoundingly apparent and we hope to continue having many more Foundry events over the coming years.

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