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Avielle Rose Richman was one of twenty-six children and educators killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on December 14th, 2012. Avielle’s parents, Jennifer and Jeremy, are innitely heart broken, and like so many of you, want to bring about changes to stop a tragedy such as this from happening to any community ever again.
As a result, the Avielle Foundation has been created to bring about change in the hope of honoring Avielle and all the others that have fallen to such senseless violence. The goal of the Foundation is to prevent violence through brain health research and fostering community. The Avielle Foundation is working directly with world leaders in these elds toward understanding and change.
The rst objective of The Avielle Foundation is to understand the underpinnings that lead to violent behaviors. Too little is known in the brain health area in regard to what drives these violent behaviors. Clearly something is wrong with a person capable of such atrocities, but there must be a better understanding of the biological and environmental factors associated with these pathologies. Once a deeper understanding of the mechanisms leading to violent behaviors has been established we need to educate ourselves and others with respect to how to identify and responsibly advocate for those at risk of violent behaviors. It is therefore imperative to learn how to prevent the violent behaviors through counseling, education, or pharmacological intervention.
In addition, we need to develop and put into practice, innovative policies that facilitate these viable conduits to help and intervention. The second objective of The Avielle Foundation is to foster community and to ensure that everyone – regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs, political views, lifestyle, or social ideologies – is a potential friend and valuable part of their community. It is this