The Avielle Foundation Profiled in the Wall Street Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal features an article on The Avielle Foundation, and touches upon our efforts to reduce future incidences of violence through brain health research:

“Dr. Richman, 43 years old, is a neuropharmacologist and senior fellow at Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company. Ms. Hensel, 47, has worked in regulatory medical writing, preparing reports on clinical-trial data for government agencies that review drug applications. The couple has spent the past few months developing the scientific framework for their foundation, meeting with researchers, institutions, psychologists, clinicians and politicians.

‘We need to look inside the brain instead of just going on symptoms,” said Dr. Richman. For example, he said, “You’re a narcissist, you’re impulsive, therefore you’re psychotic. Instead, we need to be able to say, ‘You have very high dopamine levels in your right cingulate cortex, and this is indicative of impulsivity.'”

To read the entire article, click here:  Wall Street Journal article on TAF

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