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The year, 2013, is coming to a quiet close.  While December has been a difficult month of cold reflection, we are thankful for the incredible support we have had from people around the world – People like you.  Indeed, without your support, we would not be standing strong – THANK YOU!

We would like to catch you up on some excellent press and outreach that the Avielle Foundation has had in the past year:

Newtown Parents Seek a Clearer Window Into Violent BehaviorNational Public Radio Morning Edition by Tovia Smith

Honoring the Children – Newtown One Year Later – This is an excerpt from a CNN Special Report hosted by Anderson Cooper that aired December 12th, 2013.

Parents work to Prevent the Next NewtownPittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Tracie Mauriello

Parents of Newtown victim create foundation to support research into neuroscience of violence – Local (WSHU) NPR Interview by Craig LeMoult

Learning from Sandy Hook Tragedy: Couple Who Lost Daughter At School Shooting Back Research on Brains – Article in the San Diego Union Tribune by John Wilkens

The Search for Answers – A version of this article appeared July 22, 2013, on page A19 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal – By Melanie West

Together, we can imagine…

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Much love,

Jeremy, Jenn, and the Avielle Foundation

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