Woodie Kessel, MD, MPH

Dr. Woodie Kessel has been a community pediatrician for nearly four decades working to advance child and family health. He has had a broad range of both influence and experience that has given him a unique perspective and has led to a very distinguished career. Dr. Kessel’s experience spans health policy, public health awareness and education, and establishing community-based programs.  He has served as served as Senior Director of applied research, community-based programs, and professional education.  He was a senior advisor on public health, health policy, and child and family health matters to the White House, Cabinet Secretaries, Surgeon Generals, and Health and Human Services officials spanning eight administrations. Dr. Kessel developed and led initiatives focused on reducing infant mortality, expanding health insurance for children, improving environmental health, preventing childhood obesity, reaching and engaging youth through innovative health education and communication, and breaking the cycle of violence and trauma among children witnessing domestic violence and terrorism.  He has partnered with numerous organizations including Sesame Workshop, the National Sleep Foundation, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Kessel served as the deputy Surgeon General under Dr. Koop. He is also a critical member of the American Public Health Association’s Maternal and Child Health section.

Dr. Kessel is currently the C Everett Koop Senior Child Health Scholar in Residence, Koop Institute at Dartmouth; Chairman of the Healthy Children, Healthy Futures Board of Directors; Co-Chair of the APHA MCH Section Gun Violence Prevention Committee; Co-Principle Investigator, Baltimore GrandFamily Initiative, UMD; Director, Leadership Matters Campaign; Elected member of the APHA governing council; Elected Member of the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Board of Directors; Founder and President, e-maginative health systems solutions; and Health Advisor, Sesame Workshop.

Dr. Kessel was awarded the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Excellence in Public Service Award, the US Public Health Service Distinguished Service Medal, and the US Surgeon General’s Medallion in recognition of  his multiple contributions to improve the health and well-being of America’s children and families. Dr. Kessel was a RWJ Clinical Scholar, Ambulatory Pediatrics Fellow at the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center, and pediatric resident and primary care fellow in the Department of Pediatrics at Boston City Hospital.

Dr. Kessel’s experience spans health policy, public health awareness and education, and establishing community-based programs