Sophie Cox

Sophie is a Freshman at Lewis and Clark in Portland, OR and a graduate of Rowland Hall High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is interested in psychology, history, and advocacy. Sophie enjoys hiking, drawing, writing, and spending time with her friends, family, and dogs. Sophie’s father grew up in Newtown, so part of her time growing up was spent there. After the December 14, 2012 she wanted to understand how this could happen. She approached the Avielle Foundation because that is what they are trying to discover. Growing up in a conservative State she knew promoting gun control in her home would be unproductive; however, she knew approaching violence from a scientific research and community engagement perspective has the power to resonate with all people, liberal or conservative. She has been working with the Avielle Foundation since the summer of 2013 and plans to continue to well into the future. She hopes to help expand the Avielle Foundation across the country and bring their mission to life.

Some of Sophie’s Avielle Foundation contributions have been to the script and narration of our first Public Service Announcement Video (Making the Invisible Visible) and the blog post about emotional intelligence, Imagine the Possibilities, Not a Tough SELL.

Rowland Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah