Michael Arena

Michael Arena is a senior at Newtown High School and joined TAF as an intern in the summer of 2018.  He’s deeply curious about the world and has a strong desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others. TAF’s mission to decrease violence and build compassion spoke to these interests. Michael hopes to deepen his understanding of the structure, function, and behavior of the brain, down to its most basic biochemical level, and find ways to better share this understanding with the world. Since people are the physical processes in their brains, understanding those processes is key to understanding who we are and why we behave and think the way we do. He is also interested in the transition from individual brains to large interacting groups of brains floating around in an external environment.

Michael has lived in Newtown since the age of three and has found it to be a welcoming, enriching, and caring place to grow up. He hopes to contribute something to the world that has been so generous to him. Michael’s other interests include physics, math, philosophy, performing in choirs, musicals, and orchestras, and enjoying the outdoors.