Liz Chamiec-Case

Liz is a freshman at the University of Connecticut studying physiology and neurobiology. She has been with TAF for almost three years, in which time she created the Neuroscience Basics page of the website and helped to write a brain health training for youth. Liz got the opportunity this past summer, through the support of TAF, to intern in Dr. Marina Picciotto’s psychiatry lab at Yale, where she, under the supervision of Dr. Alan Lewis, looked at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and the role of nicotine in aggression and other social behaviors She loves to learn, especially about the brain, and is fascinated by the idea that all these tiny chemical interactions can shape who we are and what we do. In her free time, Liz likes to run and play cello.

Liz’s Senior Project was to create a Brain Health module for high school health classes – it is amazing and we are going to use this as the basis for our Brain Health Course.

Newtown High School