Lee Shull

Lee Shull has lived in or around Newtown most of his life.  His twins, now 16, attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. Lee’s wife teaches 6th grade and knew many of the educators killed and families of the children. Several of the victims and the shooter lived in Lee’s neighborhood. In the hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, Lee gathered friends and community members into what became the Sandy Hook Promise (SHP). He took a leave of absence from his job at the time to help organize the group and was Vice Chairman of the foundation and Chairman of the action fund until October of 2013. Lee left SHP when he felt they had begun straying away from the promise principles on which the organization had been built. Since leaving SHP, he’s worked to develop the SODINA project based on what originally motivated him to do something to make this a safer country for his family and yours. Additionally, he has been motivated by the scale, scope and proximity of violence, including suicides, that occur daily in our country and the various contributing factors. As an SAP Solution Architect and Partner at Venetia Systems, LLC, Lee consults for mid-market to multi-billion-dollar metals, technology, and manufacturing companies