Farhan Rana

Farhan is a graduate student at Boston University and was born and raised in Sweden. He majored in Neuroscience at Boston University and is currently completing his M.S. in Medical Sciences. An aspiring medical student, he has always curious about the relationship between behavior and physiology, and naturally gravitated towards the study of the brain as he progressed in his studies. Farhan passionately believes that it is necessary to combine the study of the physical world – the world of atoms and cells – with the insights from our human world – the world of art and beliefs – so that we can fully appreciate that our experience of reality is really a series of amazing connections. This vision is what attracted him to the Avielle Foundation.

Farhan believes that when we lose sight of the importance of these connections, when what makes us human is divorced from what makes us humane, is when individuals succumb to their fears and desires and carry out acts of senseless violence. To end violence is not just a matter of policy; a dedicated and concerted effort to understand and explain the role of the brain is vital to moving forward towards a more peaceful future. It is in dedication to this vision that Farhan now helps the Avielle Foundation achieve its goals.

When he’s not studying or researching, Farhan likes to spend time with his family and friends, exercise, and play the piano. In his view, a healthy combination of socializing, physical activity, and quiet meditation all contribute to a healthier and happier brain.