Emily Kolodka

I am a senior at Middlebury College in Vermont. Originally from New Jersey, the move to such a beautiful, rural area made me increasingly appreciative of the environment and people around me. I spent this summer predominantly prepping for the MCAT (the medical college admission test) which I took at the end of August. I also volunteered at an animal shelter and worked part-time at a gym instilling the importance of fitness and exercise with kids of all ages (10-18 y/o). I’m also a senior captain on the volleyball team for my final year of college at Middlebury, where I’ll be graduating in the spring with a Biochemistry major, and Psychology and Global Health minors. Once I graduate, I’m hoping to work for a year–I have yet to decide where–before (hopefully) matriculating to medical school in the fall of 2019.

Middlebury College in Vermont