Avalon Moore

I am a New Fairfield High School graduate and am now in my second year on the West Coast attending UC Santa Barbara. I have always had an interest in the human brain and how it functions. But also with my mother being a psychologist, I found the reasoning to its actions just as interesting. Every senior at my High School completed an out of school internship – the Senior Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) Project in the direction of their desired career. I was looking for a bridge between nature vs nurture, and the Avielle Foundation provides research for that bridge. I then traveled with my mom to Montreal, Canada to hear Dr. Richman give a brain health talk at the International Counseling Association Conference on April 1st, 2016. As amazed as I was, I knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the Avielle Foundation for my S.E.E. Project.

I am passionate about an array of different things ranging from music to politics. I love attending concerts just as much as watching MSNBC. I love to read and play soccer, as well as surf and draw. When I grow up, I hope to be an adolescent psychiatrist bringing the purpose of this foundation into my practice everyday. While I miss my Connecticut home, I appreciate the opportunity to travel across the country to California for school along with study abroad programs that allow me to explore and discover the world. Wherever life takes me, I am beyond thrilled and there is no better place to begin my journey into understanding brain health than with the Avielle Foundation.

New Fairfield High School