The Resilience Portfolio Model

The Resilience Portfolio Model examines the protective factors and processes that promote resilience in children and adults who have been exposed to violence. There is a large body of research revealing common themes that have allowed people to maintain or regain healthy brain functioning following exposure to violence. Scientists have classified these factors into assets, … Read moreThe Resilience Portfolio Model

Meditation’s benefits for your brain

Many people who practice meditation strongly stand behind their practice, noting the many benefits that they notice within themselves from meditating. What happens inside of the brain when a person meditates? Neuroscientists in many labs have sought to better understand this by conducting brain imaging studies, one of which we feature in a related blog post. … Read moreMeditation’s benefits for your brain

Neuroscience informing educational approaches in school

We wanted to highlight several videos in which the applications of neuroscience to education are presented in a clear, user-friendly way, both by Lori Desautels. The webinar focuses on trauma-informed education. She specifically describes the role of trauma in childhood and adolescence in our brain and how it impedes our ability to function, neurobiologically. She explains how when a child is … Read moreNeuroscience informing educational approaches in school