Rock On Temple of the Dad!

Come and check out Temple of the Dad playing the night before Avielle’s Carnival!  Their shows are a blast, Humphreys Backstage is an ideal place to have fun on a Saturday night, and it is for a great cause.


Temple of the Dad (TOTD) was founded by a group of dads who, through volunteering, saw a need to help raise funds for their kids’ local schools. These schools were going through extreme budget cuts (and continue to). Music and Arts programs were being cut and these dads decided to step in and help out. They just weren’t sure how. Unknown to them at the time, some in the group were musicians. They saw the opportunity to raise funds through their music – they started a rock band and are now playing at special events and some of the best clubs in town. Proceeds went to Point Loma and Ocean Beach schools’ music programs. TOTD has since branched out to do fundraisers for other worthy causes, like The Avielle Foundation. Helping influence and expose our children to live music is another main goal of TOTD. With your help and support Temple of the Dad will continue to thrive…and Rock On!

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