Research Grants

To ignore the biological basis of violence is to squander the opportunity to prevent it 

The human brain is the least studied organ of the entire body, yet controls all of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. If, as a society we want to move toward a world of less violence we must start by exploring the underlying causes of violence within the brain. The Avielle Foundation is dedicated to doing just this – preventing violence through brain science research, community engagement, and education. TAF is proud to fund and support breakthrough neuroscience research. The goal is to bridge the gap between behavioral and biochemical sciences in order to make the invisible, visible. By doing this we can discover biomarkers and identify risk factors that lead toward violence and protective factors that lead away from violence and toward compassion, kindness, and resilience.  


Research grants can be awarded to teams or individuals working in all aspects of brain health research including but not limited to neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology, genetics, public health, engineering, and more. Grant funding opportunities are by invitation only – If you would like to be considered or have any questions regarding the application process write to [email protected].