Public Health

“Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do.”

-Von Goethe

In the field of brain health, too little is known about what drives violent behaviors. Clearly there is something occurring in the mind of a person capable of perpetrating violence – violence to self or to others. We hope to better understand the biological and environmental factors associated with these pathologies. We can then educate students, parents, teachers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other community members about how to identify and responsibly advocate for those at risk of violence. From here we can develop and put into practice innovative policies to facilitate effective prevention and interventions programs. Education and information hold the power to dispel fear and trepidation associated with getting help. Hope stems from understanding, and with this hope, we can actively build protective factors within ourselves, advocate for our loved ones, and create compassionate, kind, connected, and resilient communities. 

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