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The Avielle Foundation provides opportunities to grow our understanding of how we view brain health, from a scientific standpoint, and to share this knowledge with engaged communities everywhere.

Brain science is the least explored of all of our sciences. Considering the brain is the organ we use to consider, it is ironic how little we know about it. It is natural to fear the unknown, and no surprise that there is trepidation, stigma, labeling, and fear associated with the invisible diseases of the brain that we call “mental”. The Avielle Foundation is committed to making the invisible, visible. We are doing this by supporting scientific research to understand the chemistry and structure of the brain as it pertains to violent and compassionate behavior; encouraging innovative and imaginative youth to move into the study of brain health; and to help re-frame how we talk about brain health. We are also committed to giving a voice to brain science researchers as it pertains to gender with the publication Violence and Gender.

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To ignore the biological basis of violence is to squander the opportunity to prevent it.

The Avielle Foundation is proud to fund and support some of the most promising brain science research in the world. Part of our mission is to prevent violence through brain health research in order to understand why someone would engage in harmful behavior. TAF is committed to supporting traditional neuroscience, public health, and clinical research that focuses on the interplay between brain health, violence, and compassion. We use the term ‘brain health’ to promote an understanding of the brain as the organ that controls our memories, feelings, and behaviors; If a behavior is abnormal, it is the consequence of organic and tangible abnormalities in biochemistry and structure. By supporting research designed to bridge the biochemical and behavioral sciences, TAF is working to make the invisible world, traditionally labeled as mental, a visible and tangible world of brain health.

Our research grants encourage neuroscience, public health, or clinical research institutional/organizational applicants to conduct behavioral and/or biomedical research aimed at understanding the etiologies, precursors, risk factors, protective factors, prevention strategies, and consequences of violence to self or others. This granting effort is driven by the critically unmet need to understand the underlying causes of violence and enable us to treat it as the disease that it is, and to ultimately prevent, intervene, and cure it. First, we must understand the underlying risk factors and neural pathways involved in violent behaviors and, conversely, the protective factors and neural mechanisms that lead away from violent behaviors and toward compassion, connection, kindness, and resilience. Funded studies will explore these mechanisms and strategies with the intent that the information gained will lead to action, based on science, to prevent violence and to improve the health of communities at large through brain health education and community engagement.

Research grants can be awarded to teams or individuals working in all aspects of brain health research including but not limited to neuroscience, clinical science, biochemistry, psychology, genetics, public health, engineering, and more. For research grant funding opportunities please reach out to: [email protected].


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
-Von Goethe

Community Hands

In addition to research grants awarded to neuroscience, clinical, and public health investigators, The Avielle Foundation aims to promote community engagement and education, brain health awareness, and violence prevention and compassion building strategies. We can educate students, parents, teachers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other community members about how to identify and responsibly advocate for those at risk of violence. We can develop and put into practice innovative policies to facilitate effective prevention and interventions programs.

Education and information hold the power to dispel fear and trepidation associated with getting help. Hope stems from understanding, and with this hope we can actively build protective factors within ourselves, advocate for our loved ones, and create compassionate, kind, connected, and resilient communities. Partnership opportunities with the foundation to help promote and build these efforts are welcomed. These could include but are not limited to PSA’s, advertisements, creative branding, training, workshops, educational events, seminars, studies, and innovative programs. Successful applications will include an evidence-based and/or evaluation component.

Program grants can be awarded to teams or individuals working in all aspects of community brain health education and engagement. For program grant funding opportunities please reach out to: [email protected].


–Their imaginations are our future–

InternsThe Avielle Foundation Internship Program offers opportunities in areas ranging from education in how a non-profit functions to marketing, and of course scientific research. We would like to use the individual’s unique skills and interests to benefit the foundation as well as providing the intern with life skills in future fields of study focusing on bringing about meaningful social change through understanding, peace building, and compassion. College recommendations, work experience, publications, chances for junior/senior projects, lab work, mentoring opportunities, travel awards, and scholarships are some of the benefits of our internship program. With our current group of innovative, motivated, and hard working interns, the bar has been set high. More so than simply being another line to add to your resume, this internship program was created with the intention of providing the opportunity for dedicated, forward thinking individuals who are passionate about brain health and awareness to apply their unique skills, as well as build upon them. For more information on the internship program and the application process, please write — [email protected].


TravelTraveling around the country, and even the world, to share novel discoveries and knowledge is a crucial part of all fields of science. While the Avielle Foundation is committed to supporting the research aimed at understanding violence and compassion, we recognize that research is meaningless unless it is shared. We support efforts to educate, share, and present ideas by providing travel awards to young students and early career scientists. Travel awards can be given to individuals or teams looking to present at events, summits, conventions, or other gatherings in promotion of brain health research relating to violence prevention and compassion building. These awards are not limited to neuroscience specifically, but rather brain heath on a much broader scale including psychology, psychiatry, therapy, engineering, and public health, all with the goal to reduce the fear and negative stigmas surrounding brain health, and to encourage folks to seek help for themselves and their loved ones. By promoting this spread of knowledge and awareness we can educate individuals and communities to end the fear of judgement and stigmas that currently surround brain illnesses as well as broaden our imagination potential.

Any questions regarding the travel award application process can be directed to [email protected].