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Brain Health Research

Brain Health

We have established the Avielle Foundation to address the causes of violence through a focus on brain health. We want to start using this term, brain health, because mental health is intangible – it comes with some degree of trepidation and stigma. But we know there are real, physical manifestations within the brain that can be imaged, measured, quantified, and understood – We can work with that, and then, we can fix it.

Objective #1: Understand the Underpinnings in the Brain That Lead to Malevolent Behaviors

Too little is known in the field of brain health in regard to what drives violent behaviors.  Clearly something is wrong with a person capable of such atrocities, and there must be a better understanding of the biological and environmental factors associated with these pathologies.  Once a deeper understanding has been established, we can apply these insights to educate healthcare providers and communities about identifying and responsibly advocating for those at risk of violent behaviors.  We can develop and put into practice innovative policies to facilitate counseling, education, and pharmacological interventions.

Photo courtesy of Gazzaley Lab and Eye Vapor
Photo courtesy of Gazzaley Lab and Eye Vapor