Reflections and Intentions

The Avielle Foundation 12-14-12

As the holiday season approaches and seeks to wrap us with joy, gratitude and the love of friends and family, we are also starkly reminded of our loved ones lost. At the Avielle Foundation, our thoughts turn to the 7th anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including beautiful Avielle Rose Richman, 19 of her classmates and 6 educators; and only some 8 months ago, the death of Jeremy Richman, PhD.

For the last seven years we have been urged to imagine the unimaginable – to spark the creativity required to make change happen. Our reflections are proof of how creativity and scientific pursuit can propel discovery and make the invisible visible. We remain strongly committed to our mission of preventing violence and building compassion through brain science research, community engagement, and education.

But our reflections also illuminate the fact that there is much more work to be done. Our focus remains prevention because violence is an epidemic that delivers a self-perpetuating destructive legacy that we must get ahead of. We intend to seek scientific answers to profound questions – what it is to be human and what it means to be humane. The human condition in all of its complexities must be understood to disarm hate and promote peace and compassion. We must expand our investment in brain science research to make the invisible visible.

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We thank our Newtown family and our community at large for staying with us through this transition period with empathy and compassion. Your financial support ensures the funding of innovative, ground-breaking brain science research to understand the links between brain health and violence, and freely share how to improve brain health in our communities. We wish you all peace, love and health as this year comes to a close.

With gratitude,
The Avielle Foundation