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As we at The Avielle Foundation began our work, we soon recognized the benefit of having a resource for linking up to and summarizing relevant neuroscience research underlying the work that we do. This is how the “Check This Out!” spotlight on research and learning library has come to be. Our goal is to make science accessible to anyone who would like to know more.

In the development of “Check This Out!” we have come across several other fantastic existing resources that are likely also of interest to readers of this library. These resources are highlighted in this blog post. The websites, blogs, and podcasts offer a greater range of content than we cover in our blog. Therefore, we will direct you there to read about topics broader than research on brain health and violence prevention. We are impressed by the range and quality of information available in these resources and invite YOU to check them out as well!

Listed below are several such resources, including brief descriptions, in no particular order:

1. BrainFacts.org public information initiative
This public information initiative contains a wealth of useful information about many areas of brain health and neuroscience. The resource, a partnership of multiple foundations and scientific societies, aims to share what neuroscientists know, explore what they don’t yet know fully, and discuss how today’s research advances understanding. 

2. The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest. 
According to their website, “Our Editor and Contributing Writer are both qualified in psychology to PhD level and they read thoroughly all the peer-reviewed research reported on,… and not just the same studies covered by the mainstream media. He regularly trawls hundreds of peer-reviewed journals looking for the latest findings from across the breadth of psychological science.”

3. PLOS Neuro blog
PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit which publishes research and advocates for removing unnecessary barriers to accessing research and promoting research communication. Neuroscience represents one of the most extensive PLOS subject areas, This blog was created “to provide an informal online avenue for researcher collaboration and discussion of timely neuroscience research.”

4. Your Brain Health 
Dr. Sarah McKay, writer and neuroscientist, created Your Brain Health to provide “access to the latest neuroscience research relevant to brain health and wellbeing.” Of her website, she says “I aim to help you to discover neuroscience, understand the brain, and expand your mind. With heart.” 

5. A summary of other resources: 
Dr. Sarah McKay, from Your Brain Health recently published an article featuring 12 additional blogs and podcasts that she recommends people read and follow,  because they “discuss with warmth, insight, wisdom and a solid foundation of knowledge the latest science and stories related to the mind, brain and behaviour.” Follow hers and the others, and as she says, “your brain will thank you.” They include:

Neurophilosophy by Mo Costandi  
Brain Blogger – award winning health and science blog 
All in the Mind by Lynne Malcolm show exploring the connections between the brain and behavior 
Mental Elf,  summaries highlighting evidence-based publications relevant to mental health 
The Psychology Podcast by Scott Barry Kaufman  ‘insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity’ 
Christian Jarrett’s blogs and articles on the mind and brain 
The Best Brain Possible by Debbie Hampton information about healing from brain injury 
BrainCraft with Vanessa Hill digital series exploring psychology, neuroscience and behavior 
PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean shares research summaries of the science of how the mind works 
Brain Science with Ginger Campbell neuroscience podcast that shares recent discoveries 
The Dana Foundation  includes a lot of brain information 
Shink Rap Radio‘s podcast by Dave Van Nuys 


Do you have a favorite resource for research-based information related to the mission of the Avielle Foundation? 

We would love for you to share recommendations with our community in the comments below, or you can contact us directly here


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