Newtown Runner Honors Avielle’s Memory

Lindsay w JJLindsay Knauf is a resident of Newtown, Connecticut.  Like so many of us, she was heartbroken by the events of December 14, and wanted to do something to help.  She decided to commit to running in 26 events in 2013, each race dedicated to the memory of the lives lost.  In a blog post on January 4th, she wrote:

“I’m Running.  I’m running because I don’t know what else to do.  There aren’t enough volunteer events on the planet that I can sign up for to help fill in this hole in my heart.  I’m not close enough to any of the families that I can go and hug them tight, make them a lasagna or be there as a shoulder to cry on.  I don’t have the words to make it all better, no one does.

But I know how to run.

I can run and people can support me in that endeavour and together we can provide the only type of support that we can from a distance.  Monetary support that will ensure that these families won’t need to be in debt for funeral costs.  Money that will go to pay for on going therapy sessions that will be needed by so many.  Money that will assist in the building of proper memorials so that those 26 amazing and precious souls are never forgotten.”

On June 22nd, Lindsay ran in Avielle’s memory, and she has written a wonderful post about the event.  Please visit Lindsay’s blog to read more!


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