Newtown Labor Day Parade

The Avielle Foundation would like to invite you to a special event!

WHAT:  The Newtown Labor Day Parade

WHEN:  Monday, September 1st, 2014 from 9am-2pm

WHERE:  Newtown, CT


Hello Avielle Foundation Family,

We would like to send out an invitation to our TAF community.  For the second year in a row, The Avielle Foundation will be walking in the Newtown Labor Day Parade.  This is a special event and demarcates for us a chance to support community and to reflect upon what it means to be a member of a community.  Firefly Community-BIf we want to live in and to build strong, happy, healthy, and safe communities, we have to be willing to introspect and to delve into what that means and entails.  At the Avielle Foundation we want to prevent violence and to build empathy and brain health.  While we start this mission at a research bench, in a laboratory, our findings are meaningless without application.  We already know a lot about what risk factors lead to violent behaviors and with focused and innovative effort we can advance our knowledge at an amazing rate – these discoveries will fill a huge unmet need.  We depend on our own imagination and we depend on each other to bring these discoveries to life and make them meaningful.  If you are in the Newtown area on Monday, September 1, we invite you to show your support for brain health research, and to show that you can imagine stronger, happier, healthier, and safer communities, by walking with us.  We would be honored for you to join us — If you can, send an email to let us know ([email protected]).  If you walked last year or have a Foundation T-shirt please wear it – we will do our best to outfit all our supporters with cool TAF gear to wear.

Parade-Voctor 1

Much love,

Jenn, Jer, and the Avielle Foundation

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