Neuroscience informing educational approaches in school

We wanted to highlight several videos in which the applications of neuroscience to education are presented in a clear, user-friendly way, both by Lori Desautels. The webinar focuses on trauma-informed education. She specifically describes the role of trauma in childhood and adolescence in our brain and how it impedes our ability to function, neurobiologically. She explains how when a child is exposed to trauma, it actually changes the brain. In particular, there are changes in the prefrontal cortex which results in underdevelped sustained attention, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, and impulsivity. As she states,  “The brain architecture is wired according to traumatic experiences.” Trauma can lay groundwork for many later outcomes which educators should be mindful of. Many applications are discussed.

Secondly, she describes a learning state of mind based on brain and neurotransmitter activity that is constantly shaped by our experiences in this TEDX talk. In a more general way, she makes the case for the need to be aware of this when interacting with children and applications to education. 

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