Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre Making the Invisible Visible

Our brain is the most complex and mystifying organ in the natural world. It is home to our memories, feelings, and behaviors. It manages all of our biological needs and senses. It is the filter through which we interpret and interact with the world. It is a dynamic organ, either growing or atrophying; it never finds a static state to be content. This profound capacity for change, for neuroplasticity, is the essence of our humanity. Indeed it is this capacity to imagine, experiment, and learn that makes such a unique species.

Photo Credit: Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre.

This video released by the BBC made with MRI scans from Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre shows the intricate and complex beauty of our brain, the different layers of color illustrate the pathways of communication and density of the brain.

Take some time to watch this short clip, share it, especially with your children. Make the invisible visible to inspire the next generation of change makers.

Watch the video here  Whats the brain’s wiring looks like: Fergus Walsh





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