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Unraveled Podcast

The Avielle Foundation, in partnership with The Child Mind Institute, is creating a podcast series titled “Unraveled.” The Unraveled Podcast Series will delve into the unexplored realm existing between neurosciences and behavioral sciences, and explain how research and education can help to understand behaviors to ultimately prevent violence and build compassion. Throughout this series we hope to demystify and destigmatize brain illnesses by educating, engaging, and empowering our listeners. We aim to introduce the everyday citizen to the complexities of the brain; and to connect the structural and biochemical workings of the brain with the behaviors that we see. We will do this in a language and manner that anyone can embrace and can find some value in knowing, so that we can be healthier and happier (reduce violence and build compassion, kindness, connection, and resilience).

IMAGINE… Yourself creating the Unraveled podcast logo. We are looking to engage some of our creative supporters; we need a creative logo to represent the Unraveled series. Please submit your ideas in the form of a sketch, computer image, photo, interpretive dance, etc., to [email protected] The selected image and two runners-up will receive some cool TAF swag.

IMAGINE… Sponsoring an Unraveled episode (or the series). We are looking to engage some of our philanthropic supporters to fund single or multiple episodes. If you have any interest here, please contact Nick Hoffman at [email protected]