The human species is uniquely gifted with an amazing capacity to imagine. This capacity to imagine is what makes us different from all the other animals. Indeed our imagination sets us free to make tomorrow better than today, adds color to our lives, and is what gives us the ability to empathize. With this gift comes the grave responsibility to step into the shoes of others. Unless we are brave enough to allow our experiences and interactions with others to touch our hearts, we are not motivated to engage or act. Not only is genetic diversity critical to the survival of a species, but when faced with barriers or challenges to our survival, the broader our “imagination pool,” the more likely we are to solve our societal problems, and indeed, to evolve. It is for this reason that The Avielle Foundation has adopted the trademark “You Can Imagine…”

“Few are guilty, but all are responsible” – A.J. Heschel

Under this “Imagine…” tab, you will find many of the ways we are imagining. Starting with the “Brainstorming Blog” you can find interesting TAF ideas, opinions, perspectives, and opportunities to engage with various Foundation events. Under the “Out and about” tab you will be able to see an interactive world map that highlights TAF engagements around the world. The “Firefly” is The Avielle Foundation’s newsletter; this is a great place to familiarize yourself with our origins, champions, and accomplishments. Next you will find the “Video Library” tab that serves as our TAF focused video library. Here you’ll find a couple of our homemade videos (public service announcements) created to convey the brain health message and our mission as well as TAF video interviews that have been created and posted by others. Under the “TAF in the Press” tab we will keep you abreast of TAF-related press coverage. We are proud to announce that in partnership with the Child Mind Institute, TAF is creating a new podcast series called “Unraveled.” We think that this will be an engaging and educational brain health venue providing value to the everyday citizen. Finally, under the “Violence and Gender” tab, we introduce you to our official scientific, peer-reviewed journal as well as a number of perspective pieces that we have published here.