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The Avielle Foundation was pleased and proud to formally announce the launch of the Spark Project in 2015; an initiative to develop social-emotional learning (SEL), Leadership, character building, and compassion skills on community-wide basis and beyond.  Focusing on children, young adults, and families, the Spark Project will leverage its all-volunteer leadership team in training SEL skills collaboratively with the Newtown School System, coaches and mentors, as well as parents and teen-peers to create a multi-layered approach to skill development. These skills will then, not only be taught academically, but more importantly will be modeled at all points of contact for our youth.  The Avielle Foundation has partnered with the very best in the area of SEL development and mentoring including Committee for Children, 3C Institute, Personalized Learning Games, the Life is Good Kid’s Foundation, the NYA, Ben’s Lighthouse, Ben’s Bells, and the Resiliency Center of Newtown to help us develop this vision and to begin engaging, educating, and training our community (please explore each of these amazing organizations by clicking the links below).

Our flagship Spark program efforts have been focused on the Spark After-School Program! Check out this page for information about this amazing opportunity for our Newtown children.

To incentivize community commitment and engagement, Spark will secure scholarships, awards, and opportunity commitments from colleges, universities, and respected corporate partners to reward initiatives that demonstrate meaningful, real–world application of these emotional intelligence, leadership, and 21st century skills.  In the long-run we hope to design and implement an evidence-based SEL assessment study to establish the baseline and measure the community-wide SEL skills developed and their effects on decreasing violence and increasing compassion over time.

Check out our Spark After-school Program!

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