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This is a compilation of some of the Avielle Foundation’s publications, news articles, presentations, & media.

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(12/4/2015) Here is a recent interview with Dr. Richman and Steve Inskeep on NPR’s Morning Edition.

(12/12/2013) Jeremy and Jennifer had the honor of talking with Tovia Smith on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Tough Mudder PostTough Mudder hired the Flatbush Pictures crew to come up to Newtown and film December, 2014. They created this very polished mini-documentary that we are proud of.

Violence and Gender Perspectives

Violence & Gender

2013-10-20 –> Understanding Brain Health Can Prevent Another Sandy Hook Shooting

2014-05-21 –> Making the Invisible Visible: New Perspectives on Brain Health

2014-07-21 –> On Being Human(e)

2014-12-31 –> The Next Generation


Our First Public Video (made by our high school interns) –>

Bench Scientist


Making the Invisible Visible


Slide handout from the Science of Violence Lecture –>

The Science of Violence and Compassion 

The Science of Violence and Compassion Handout



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TAF in the News  

11/16/2015 –> Jeremy was honored to be the Vanderbilt Flexner Dean’s Lecture series 2015 Felts Lecture in the Humanities speaker.

08/21/2015 –> Jeremy Was the keynote speaker at the Ben’s Bells Kindness Summit: Tucson News; The Edgecurry2A

05/12/2015 –> Jeremy was the Keynote speaker at the “New Directions in Violence Prevention” Conference in Milton, MA: Boston Globe