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Thank you for visiting the Avielle Foundation – We are quite passionate about preventing violence and building compassion through brain research, community engagement, and education. We are sure that you are as well and hence you are here. In this part of our website you can explore a number of things related to our grand vision.

First, we have a section that contains a number of the latest (or, at least our favorite) examples of Press, Media, and Publications. This is where you will find articles that we have written, positive press, both educational as well as inspirational videos, the outline of one of my Science of Violence talks, The Firefly newsletters, and importantly corporate information.

Next, you will find our Blog entitled “What We’re Doing“, which serves as an update of current events, ideas, or highlights. Related, you will find the calendar of upcoming events.

This is also where you will find the TAF’letics department.  We often refer to The Avielle Foundation as TAF – saying the letters like a word. When you put TAF and Athletics together, you get – TAF’letics. Here you will see the many inspirational people and events that bring to the forefront the critical relation between being active, fit, and engaged, and brain health.  Over time we will be highlighting inspirational athletic champions for brain health.

Finally, we have a number of Avielle Foundation sponsored projects.  These represent visionary, blue sky ideas that you, as TAF supporters are helping us to build, as well as highlight amazing collaborations between TAF and other brain health champion individuals and organizations. We are very proud of these amazing programs and hope you will watch along side of us as they grow over time.


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