Neuroscience Basics

Bridging biochemical, structural, and behavioral sciences to understand people

by Liz Chamiec-Case

So the brain is just another organ. But how crazy is it that the part of our bodies and the part of science that we know the least about is the same part that controls everything we think, say, and do? It’s common to have a double-minded approach when it comes to the brain: on one hand, it consists of neurons that form into structures that interact using biochemistry and chemical signaling, but on the other hand, it is these neurons, structures, and biochemical interactions dictate how we think, behave, and feel. These two aspects, the physical structures and their dominion over thinking, acting, and feeling, are linked in that, if there is an imbalance in chemicals or an abnormality in a structure, the results in thinking, behaving, and feeling are directly affected. On this website, learn about both aspects: the physical and the behavioral parts of the brain, and see that the brain is not some mystical reason for how we think, act, and feel, but rather is just another organ.

The Brain - Structure and Function

The Brain - The Nervous System

The Brain - Biochemistry



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