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Knowledge is power and empowering 

Understanding the pathologies and carrying out the research is only half of the puzzle. Once a deeper understanding has been established, the application of these insights to prevent aggression and violence is the next step, and education is essential.  Based on the understandings of brain pathologies; molecular, genetic, behavioral, and imaging diagnostics can be developed, therefore facilitating  early detection of those at-risk of violent and aggressive behavior.  These diagnoses are tangible and not solely on based on symptoms. We can then use these findings and diagnoses to develop ways to detect and intervene before malevolent behavior is perpetrated to oneself or others.

Understanding and education diminishes fear of the unknown.  With an understanding of these brain pathologies, we can educate our parents, teachers, students, law enforcement, and community leaders.  The foundation is dedicated to creating programs and brain health courses that will educate both youth and adults on the world of brain science. Currently the foundation has launched the Spark Project to foster social and emotional learning, leadership, character building, and compassion skills on a community wide basis. Through Spark, the foundation has sponsored a collaborative flagship project, The Spark After School Program, which develops these qualities and skills in the youth community. Additionally, the Avielle Foundation hosts Mental Health First Aid classes for both youth and adults in the community.

Ultimately, we aim to create our own brain health classes to educate and empower individuals of all genders and ages to not fear the invisible world of brain health. We want to promote a level of comfort and understanding with brain illness so the judgement, fear, and stigmas associated with seeking treatment are erased. These brain health courses can then be implemented in schools, educational and administrative development, and law enforcement programs so that the early warning signs do not go unnoticed.  Preventing violence begins with understanding the origins and is carried out with education and awareness.