The Conway Family Donates $50,000 to the Avielle Foundation

By Jennifer Hensel & Jeremy Richman

In March, we had an interesting and inspiring experience over dinner with a gentleman, his wife,San Fran Bay Bridge and their friend and acquaintances. As we broke bread, we told them about our daughter, Avielle, and about the plans we have to build stronger and safer communities through our foundation. The conversation flowed around the table, each person speaking intimately of their career passions for neuroscience, business, brain health, children, and community. The table’s collective voice held consistent high energy, EUREKA! moments, and excited anticipation for what each individual voice would next contribute. The evening ended too soon, yet hours after it had begun.

That gentleman and his wife were Ron and Gayle Conway; and with their three sons, they have built a legacy around philanthropic work and angel financing. They came to hear our story and to hear about our plans for the Avielle Foundation. The friend and acquaintances were Dr. Steven Hauser, the chair of Neurology at UCSF and 5 members of his neuroscience department. The next morning, we found in our inbox an email from Ron Conway. He and the Conway family had donated $50,000 to the Avielle Foundation, and just as importantly, they pledged to support us as we build our legacy of stronger and safer communities through brain health research.

We look forward to a steadfast, connected, and meaningful working relationship with Ron Conway. Thank you Ron, Gayle, and the Conway family.

3 thoughts on “The Conway Family Donates $50,000 to the Avielle Foundation”

  1. You and Avielle’s mom are inspiring so many with this focus on brain research …probably one of the more difficult components to bring change to. Your focus on building stronger and safer communities is also important and there are no easy answers or quick fixes. Your grace, purpose and plans are humbling to me and countless others. The generosity of the Conway family is also humbling. May many more be as inspired to join you and your wife in your work to honor Avielle.

  2. What beautiful souls, the Conway family.

    Mr. Richman, in Avielle’s name will arise a great good.

    To change the world to make it a better place for all.

    We are with you. In hope, in prayer, in knowing what can be …

    … and knowing that we are the ones who must make it so.

    Bless the Conway family for helping to do God’s work.

    Anita Busch
    (cousin of Micayla Medek, killed in the Aurora Theater)

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