Congressional Brain Health Education

This past week, on Tuesday February 11th, The Avielle Foundation was in Washington, DC for a special visit to the Capital.  Hosted by Connecticut Senators Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal, we had the opportunity to present an education briefing about brain health and the mission of the Avielle Foundation.  The audience was a room full of engaged members of congress and their staff.  Senators Blumenthal and Murphy gave an insightful introduction, followed by a presentation of the Science of Violence by Dr. Jeremy Richman, and a Q & A with Dr. Richman and Ace Robinson.  We were able to communicate the critical need for brain health research funding and a transformation of the way that we think and talk about brain health and brain illnesses.  The meeting was enthusiastically received by the congressional staff and importantly, puts momentum behind the idea of building a consortium of experts in neuroscience and education, who can build the bridges between biochemical and behavioral research to prevent violence and build empathy in our communities.

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