The Avielle Foundation + Athlete = TAF’lete

Every year we have motivated Brain Health Champions who are willing to take on crucible events. These are events or goals that push our personal limits, test our fortitude, and provoke suffering. Authentic change is a product of suffering, and the outcome of these crucible events is profound personal change.

We know that the brain is never in a static state; it is either growing or atrophying, and testing our limits provokes healthy brain growth. You determine the test: form a book club and read that book you’ve been putting off; commit to your first 5k, marathon or dance class; face your fear of public speaking or heights; join an Avielle Foundation Ragnar or Tough Mudder team or create your own tribe of TAFlete’s and take on a challenge together.

Being a TAF’lete is about a personal commitment to the growth of our brain, body, and most times both. It’s acknowledging our vulnerabilities and embracing the protective factors to confront them. It is a personal commitment to the core principles of our mission.

As an extra motivation, many of our TAFletes make their crucible a fundraiser through creating an event on our Crowdrise page.

If you have a TAF’lete goal, want to join an existing Avielle Foundation tribe or create your own, please fill out our TAF’lete form below. For more information, please email [email protected].