Visit Alliance for PeaceThis amazing international organization is committed to fostering global peace through evidence-based and scientifically sound practices. Dr. Richman gave their NEX GEN Summit keynote address at the U.S Institute of Peace in May, 2016, and he serves as a neuroscience advisor and now co-director of their Rewiring the Brain for Peace Initiative. AfP is one of TAF’s partners to prevent violence and build compassion, and they are help us to move into the international peace building space.

Visit Ana Grace Project

Dr. Richman and Mrs. Marquez-Greene have been tag-teaming talks across the country from Newtown to D.C. to New Hampshire on topics as diverse as brain health, education, resilience, and a victim-focused response to tragedy.

Visit Bens BellsThe simple message “Be Kind” reminds us how critically important it is to recognize that everyone is fighting battles that we can’t see. Over the last 3 years TAF and BB have become great friends brainstorming ways to build emotional intelligence and kindness in our businesses, communities, and campuses.

Visit Bens Lighthouse

Jeremy and Jenn were good friends with the Wheelers before the 12/14 Sandy Hook murders and their friendship has grown profoundly stronger since. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to work together on a number of community-based education and engagement projects.

Visit Child MindDr. Richman and Dr. Koplewicz met May, 2013 at the White House’s National Dialog on Mental Health. The two organizations are keenly aligned in their views of the brain being just another organ, one that is responsible for our memories, feelings, and behaviors, and therefore must be cared for as such. CMI has served as a resource for TAF and they are now partnering to bring you the podcast series Unraveled.

Visit Kevin Hines Story

Those of you that have taken the brain health first aid course will be familiar with Kevin’s tragic, courageous, and inspiring story. Kevin is one of the few survivors of a Golden Gate Bridge suicide attempt. Now Kevin inspires audiences around the world with the brutally authentic sharing of his personal journey and his life living with bipolar disorder.

Visit Life is goodLife isn’t perfect, life isn’t easy, but life is good. The Avielle Foundation has had the pleasure of working with Life is Good Kid’s Foundation to bring the power of optimism to our community and to test the limits of the imagination by finding our superpowers.

Visit Mental Health AmericaFew organizations have championed brain health as effectively or for as long as Mental Health America. Their leadership in the field is unparalleled; this is an organization breaking down barriers and bringing the fight out into the open. In April, 2017, we co hosted “In the Age of Violence.”

Visi Narrative4Narrative 4 is a non-profit organization that works on building empathy and breaking down barriers through the exchange of personal stories. The organization states that their vision is, “Fearless hope through radical empathy,” demonstrated through the pairing of individuals and sharing of their respective stories.  The mutual feelings of vulnerability and the responsibility of having to share each other’s story is an incredibly eye opening and valuable experience. N4’s innovative goals keenly reflect our mission here at The Avielle Foundation, both building compassion and empowering communities by engaging people through the exchange of stories and experiences. Dr. Richman keynoted the global N4 summit in June of 2015.


Visit Noble ImpactNoble Impact is an education initiative that exposes students to relevant experiences and tools that enable them to navigate a world defined by uncertainty with an entrepreneurial skill set and a public service mindset. Their mission is to provide every student with a relevant and purpose-driven education. Dr. Richman was fortunate enough to meet one of the founders, Chad Williamson, at the SxSW conference in 2015. Since then, their relationship has grown to the exchange of ideas and advice, as well as Noble Impact becoming TAF’s social emotional skill building resource.

Visit New Town Parent Connection

We are grateful to parent connection for providing us the physical space that serves as the operational hub for The Avielle Foundation, as well as educational outreach for the town of Newtown.

Visit Peace Love

Over the past few years, Peace Love has served as our art and music brain health mentor. Peace Love focuses on using the arts as way to express your story and broaden your imagination. In May of 2017, Dr. Richman participated in the Peace of Mind storyteller summit in Rhode Island. This was an amazing experience and all of the speakers were truly inspiring – Check out the 2017 Storyteller videos HERE.

Visit RCN

We are  proud to be working on many different projects with the Resiliency Center team. Our local SPARK team has collaborated with RCN on many different brain health projects to engage, educate, and empower communities.

Visit Trusted Tech SupportTrusted Technologies has happily provided TAF’s technical support from the start. This includes everything from building this website (which we think is pretty cool), to networking, emergency hard drive data recovery, and software/hardware installation. TT is a small team of personable, professional, affordable, and reliable tech experts. Feel free to call on them for your next tech quest.

Visit Wested”WestEd is committed to the belief that all students should succeed in our schools and that all learners– from infants to adults– should thrive in our communities, despite the circumstances they were born into” – Glen Harvey, CEO. The Avielle foundation has worked with WestEd over the years on projects regarding criminal justice reform, school health assessments, and what financial resources are available for evidence-based education and violence prevention studies.