Brain Health First Aid

TAF Friends,

Brain Health First AidWe are excited to offer Youth Brain Health First Aid classes, free of charge, to the Newtown and surrounding community. Here is the skinny:

1. The next course is July 11th – To sign up, simply RSVP using the form found here: July 11 Course RSVP 

2. We are offering these courses to help communities feel more comfortable recognizing the signs and symptoms of youth approaching a brain health crisis and to think of ways to help and intervene.

3. This is an official certification course. We will continue offering these courses in the Newtown, CT area on a roughly quarterly basis, free of charge (a $250 value), for as long as folks sign up.

4. EVERYONE is welcome!!

5. If you cannot make it to a Newtown course, but would like the certification course taught at your place of business, school, or community, write to us at [email protected] and we will work something out!

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