Back to School Can Test Our Compassion

As the end of summer nears the excitement and anxiety of back to school begins for school age families. Transitioning from the free flow of summer to the structure of the school year can be a challenge. For families with nontypical learners, the stress of this time of year is amplified, change in routine is extremely difficult, anxiety about a new classroom, teacher, and peers can consume the thoughts of a child with special needs.

As parents, we always advocate for what we feel is best for our child, sometimes with a laser focus other times with a more welcoming perspective. The kindness our children show towards others often reflects the compassion their parents instill within them. This is where parenting can get tough, we want our children to have every opportunity to be successful but we also want them to be kind and caring. Balancing these two wants can come with unique dilemmas.

Amanda Morin on the My Parent Journey blog shares her story and message to the parents who are hoping their child doesn’t have the same teacher as her son.  It’s a personal account of the impact this has on her and her fears it will have on the children of these parents. But most importantly an invitation to hear the story of her and her son and connect with those who have prejudge them.

We evolve through the sharing of our stories: Jeremy Richman Ph.D

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