Avielle Foundation Firefly Newsletter 2015

It’s here, it’s finally here!

The Firefly





Dear TAF Supporters,

We are so proud of the great success the Avielle Foundation has had thus far, in our nearly 3-year existence. We don’t take for granted what this success is based upon. Everything we have today came from you—From our grassroots supporters—Thank you! This past year went by at an incredible pace and brought with it amazing and innovative ideas for change and progress. Here is a link to this year’s issue of The Firefly, our newsletter. In this issue we highlight how these ideas are coming to life with the power to change the world. These inspirational ideas and the financial means to make them a reality have come from you, because you can imagine

Our financial support has come from folks of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, political and religious leanings, and from not only across the United States, but from around the world.

We are grateful to you all for supporting our cause, and helping us champion brain health, community engagement, and education. Thank you for sharing our vision of a better tomorrow. It is this collective imagination and vision that sets us free to change the way the everyday citizen looks at the brain, studies its health, approaches violence, builds compassion, and engages communities.  A new world is just over the horizon. Thank you for your generous donations, support, and imagination! This issue of the Firefly sheds light on the ways in which your donations are helping us in our mission to prevent violence and build compassion through brain health research, community engagement, and education.

together,we can imagine…Change

Most Sincerely,
Jeremy and Jennifer

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Jeremy G Richman, PhD

Founder & CEO, The Avielle Foundation

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