Arena Pharmaceuticals Helping TAF

Last Valentines day, the two month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders, Erin, one of my old colleagues at Arena Pharmaceuticals and one of my very favorite people, went to bat to help the Avielle Foundation.  She wanted to do a Valentines day fundraiser at Arena.  With very little preparation time, Erin called on her friends to donate anything from flowers, to jewelry, to cards, to wine, to time.  In less than ten days, Erin and her friends had arranged a cart to wheel around to folks across the numerous Arena campus buildings, with various goods.  None of these goods had a price tag, and people were encouraged to give whatever they wanted.  This is another amazing example of community coming together to focus on a common goal and a good cause.  They raised over $5000 in one day – inspirational.  Thank you Erin and Arena Pharmaceuticals.



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