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Jenny Wadhwa

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a senior at Newtown High School. After 12/14, My sister and I founded a non-profit organization to raise money for our town by hosting 26 bake sales all around the nation. After that experience, I felt as though I needed to do more to prevent tragedies in the future and I was immediately drawn to The Avielle Foundation’s combination of science and change-making. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by the brain and its role in shaping one’s reality. Being a TAF intern, I can explore this fascination while working to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. My current project is shaping up to be a mental health training program for kids. Additionally, as a TAF intern, this past summer I had the opportunity to get hands-on research experience in Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry under the lab of Dr. Hilary Blumberg, MD. Click the image below to learn more about this research experience. Outside of the internship, I enjoy leading my Letters with Love organization, training to become an EMT, and traveling the world.







Bipolar Disorder Research Project