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Travel Awards

Traveling around the country, and even the world, to share novel discoveries and knowledge is a crucial part of all fields of science. While TAF is committed to supporting the basic research aimed at understanding violence and compassion, we recognize that laboratory research is essentially meaningless unless it is shared. We support these efforts to educate, share, and present ideas by providing travel awards to young students and early career scientists. Travel awards can be given to individuals or teams looking to present at events, summits, conventions, or other gatherings in promotion of brain health research relating to violence prevention and compassion building. These awards are not limited to neuroscience specifically, but rather brain heath on a much broader scale including psychology, psychiatry, therapy, engineering, and public health, all with the goal to reduce the fear and negative stigmas surrounding brain health, and to encourage folks to seek help for themselves and their loved ones. By promoting this spread of knowledge and awareness we can educate individuals and communities to end the fear of judgement and stigmas that currently surround brain illnesses as well as broaden our imagination potential.

Any questions regarding the application process can be directed to [email protected].