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–Their imaginations are our future–

The TAF internship program now offers opportunities in areas ranging from education in how a non-profit functions to marketing, and of course scientific research. We would like to use the individual’s unique skills and interests to benefit the foundation as well as providing the intern with life skills in future fields of study focusing on bringing about meaningful social change through understanding, peace building, and compassion. College recommendations, work experience, publications, chances for junior/senior projects, lab work, mentoring opportunities, travel awards, scholarships, and fellowships are some of the benefits of the internship program.

With our current group of innovative, motivated, and hard working interns, the bar has been set high. More so than simply being another line to add to your resume, this internship program was created with the intention of providing the opportunity for dedicated, forward thinking individuals who are passionate about brain health and awareness to apply their unique skills, as well as to build upon them. For more information on the internship program and the application process, please write — [email protected]