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Spark and The Brainstorm Experience

One half of The Avielle Foundation’s mission is to connect science to the everyday citizen through community engagement and education. Originally launched in 2015 as Spark, this initiative has partnered with a number of notable organizations including. The Committee for Children, 3C Institute, Personalized Learning Games, The Life is Good Kids Foundation, NYA Sports and Fitness, Ben’s Lighthouse, Ben’s Bells, and The Resiliency Center of Newtown. 

The Brainstorm Experience creates brain healthy communities through hosting and sponsoring lectures, discussions, programs, and events in Newtown and the surrounding area that educate, connect, inspire, and empower groups and individuals to practice and develop protective factors that foster a deep sense of compassion. The Brainstorm Experience puts into practice the lessons learned through scientific research and global partnerships building more informed, empowered, and peaceful communities on a local scale.

Check out the upcoming Brainstorm Experiences:

Previous and ongoing Spark projects include:

  • Brain Health First Aid Training: Spark, along with The Resiliency Center of Newtown offers residents of Newtown, CT – including teachers, parents and young adults – training in Brain Health First Aid. Those who take the course receive a Brain Health First Aid certification and are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone approaching or experiencing a brain health crises. The courses are offered free of charge.


  • The Spark After School Program: Spark After School is designed for third through sixth graders. Our goal is to give youth a comfortable place to try new things and broaden the boundaries of their comfort zones. These programs offer culturally diverse music, arts, recreation, and fitness classes, while also teaching leadership skills, acceptance, compassion, and self-confidence.

  • Life Is Good LogoLife is Good Kid’s Foundation: Spark, along with a number of other local Newtown, CT community organizations are thrilled to be partnering with the Life is Good Kid’s Foundation in an effort to spread the power of optimism to the Newton community.

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